Green Lotus
We are pleased to announce the release of our New 2nd Edition of Chinese Herb Cards. This edition includes 21 new cards
and has been updated to reflect many of the changes in Bensky's Materia Medica, 3rd edition. Our full color Chinese Herb Flash
Cards were created by a student of Oriental Medicine for students and professionals of Oriental Medicine, Acupuncture,
Naturopathy, and Herbology. Chinese Herb Cards combine colors, symbols, and images with proven long-term memory techniques
to create an efficient, effective way to learn Chinese herbs and set the foundation for understanding Chinese herbal formulas.
                                                 361 Color Coded Flash Cards!

Each set of full color Chinese Herb Cards is tabbed by group and includes a legend of symbols and an index of herbs. The cards
are packaged in an attractive, sturdy, easy-to-access case.

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-update your 1st  EDITION SET-
with this 20 card packet