Our 2nd edition of Chinese Herb Cards contains 361 individual herb cards printed on a very durable 12 point
glossy paper (card stock) with a state of the art four color digital printing press. Each set of herb cards is tabbed
and sub-indexed by group, includes a legend of symbols, a master index of herbs, and complete bibliography.
The cards are packaged in an attractive, sturdy, easy-to-access case.  Chinese Herb Cards, 2nd edition are
currently priced at
$125.00 per set.        FREE SHIPPING in the US.

The way the cards work is really very simple. All the information required to study the individual herb is included on a 4.25" X 5.5" card. There are 361
unique herb cards that have color coded borders that coordinate with their group symbols (the cards are organized by group function, very similar to most
Materia Medicas for Chinese herbs) .

The front of each herb card shows a full color, botanically correct picture of the growing plant and a full color photo of the dried or processed herb, the
Chinese (mandarin) character, Chinese Pin-yin name, pharmaceutical name, English name, group symbol, and the icon or snapshot image which uniquely
identifies each herb within it's respective group. The back of each card shows the herb properties (tastes, temperature, etc.) and meridian-entered
symbols, the symbols and written descriptions of the actions, indications, signs and symptoms. On the back of each card you will also find the dosage,
cautions, and special notes specific to each herb.
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While studying Chinese herbal medicine, I found it overwhelmingly difficult to commit the herbs to long term memory. The Chinese Herb Cards available
today actually originated from my colored drawings (approximately 9 X12) of the botanical herb, the processed herb, and a variety of color-codes and
symbols. That information was later modified to incorporate a flash card style of presentation.

I also incorporated several proven memory techniques presented in some of the memory courses I had previously taken. The main memory technique
used relies on the human brain's unlimited ability to commit unique images, colors and symbols to long term memory. The cards are designed to be used
as a flash card, with minimal information on the front, requiring the user to recall the information on the back. Other techniques include right and left brain
activation via abstract and realistic symbols combined with written descriptions and techniques to create multiple associations in long term memory,
thereby reinforcing the long term memory pathways. -- Frank Proffit, DOM
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